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Interface 2.0 Winners

Posted by Dee Cunning 7.10.2021 | Catalyst Institute


"...All four pairs created such a high standard of work that it was tough to choose a winner. In the end, one of the deciding factors was a crystal-clear communication and execution of the brief and vision, making Olívia and Maya’s piece a brilliant fit for an installation at Signals Festival. [...]

“The project that I worked on with Maya for this year’s Interface edition was inspired by our intent to originate an art piece that would depict the dichotomy between utopia and dystopia, which are the themes for Signals Festival this year,” Olívia explains. “The summer months we spent working together completely remotely on Oneiro-Hiraeth consisted of a lot of meetings and sending material back and forth to each other. I’d go to the studios one day..."

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15.12.2021 | Spirit Studios UK


"...From dozens of applications, only four students from each institution were selected and then matched with a creative partner to collaborate with remotely over the course of 12 weeks. The partnerships were asked to create an audio/visual piece exploring the ever-relevant concept of Utopia / Dystopia – this year’s theme for Signal’s Festival in Berlin, where the winning piece of work will be showcased from 15-16 October.

The final projects were presented at a virtual listening session, where a panel of judges from both Catalyst Berlin and Spirit Studios reflected on the work and selected a winner: Oneiro-Hiraeth by Olívia Mamberti and Maya Rain..."

Tatsuya Takahashi:

We Interview the Brains Behind KORG’s Most Legendary Designs

by Dee Cunning 25.2.2021 | Catalyst Institute

"...A group of Catalyst film and music students and alumni recently collaborated with Tatsuya Takahashi on his Most Wanted: Music video presentation, Powers of Ten. Learn all about the project and watch our exclusive interview with the design mastermind and KORG Germany CEO. [...]

To probe deeper into the circuitry of Tatsuya’s creative process, the team also filmed an insightful interview, which you can watch at the bottom of this article. [...] Students Olivia Mamberti, Max Aad and Wei Bei recorded the sound, while Wei and Mizuki Ishikawa designed the sound for the clip. The project was produced by our storytelling lead Christina Gaither. We asked Roman, Mizuki, Olivia, Max and Wei to tell us about their experience of the collaboration. [...]

Collaboration was an integral feature of the project as a whole. It was very important to have current students involved and spend time with Tatsuya, learning about the process of instrument design and the story behind many of his inventions.  A massive thank you to Max and Olivia who helped with the interview and also to record sound. Also a big thank you to Olivia and James Ma for editing the audio and Jonny Zoum for his guidance on this..."

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We Look Back on Some of Our Students’ Outstanding 2020 Creations

by Dee Cunning 30.12.2020 | Catalyst Institute

"...On the eve of 2021, we reflect on one of our most challenging – and most creative – years yet. Join us as we look back on some of our students’ outstanding 2020 creations. [...]

In April, second-year Creative Audio Production & Sound Engineering student Olívia Mamberti took advantage of quarantine time with her graphic designer and photographer mother, Patrícia Abreu. Olívia edited her mother’s photographs and illustrations to create a stunning animated music video for her and classmate Mikko Okker’s collaborative track ‘The Hiding Place."

Músicos fazem lives pagas e bicos para se sustentar na nova quarentena europeia

by Camila Zarur and Gabriel Morais 14.11.2020 |

Language: Pt (Br) | Jornal OGlobo

"...Durante a pandemia, Nino também participou do projeto “Non stop the music”, criado pelo compositor Rodrigo de Marsillac, que grava colaborações e as divulga nas redes. São 10 músicos por gravação, todas caseiras. A iniciativa já reuniu pessoas que moram no Brasil e em outros países, como França, Alemanha, EUA e México. O objetivo é manter uma corrente musical que “só termina quando não houver mais mortes por Covid-19”.
Olívia Mamberti, de 19 anos, é codiretora do projeto. Ela é musicista e estudante de produção musical e engenharia de som no Catalyst -Instituto de Artes Criativas e Tecnologia, em Berlim, onde mora desde 2019.
Este ano, Olívia teria a oportunidade de trabalhar em um festival em Berlim, que já teria um formato híbrido por causa da pandemia. Mas, com as novas restrições, o evento ocorrerá apenas na internet. As medidas também impedem que ela trabalhe com gravações de bandas e artistas nos estúdios da universidade..."

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