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Block Stories - Prenzlauer Berg (feat. Sven Marquardt - Berghain; Joplyn; Lie Ning & Mona Rübsamen, FLUX FM) - Short Documentary 2022

Screened at WISE Festival on May 19th 2022 @ House of Music, Berlin DE. Yet to be released.
Score by Olívia Mamberti

NO PLACE FOR TEARS - Short Film - 2020

Directed by Patrick Milani, nominated for 13+ festivals

Original Score by Olívia Mamberti

BioBeeLab - Ad - 2020

Original Score, Sound and Video Editing by Olívia Mamberti

Conheça a BioBeeLab - Ad - 2020

Conheça a BioBeeLab - Ad - 2020

Reminiscence - Memories from the Brazilian Actor Sérgio Mamberti - 2019

A Collection of Super8 Films for the São Paulo Flutuante Gallery Expo in August 2019

Original Score for "Amazonas, Meu Amor" and "Famiglia" by Olívia Mamberti