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Return - Olívia Mamberti (Official Music Video)
Olívia Mamberti

Return - Olívia Mamberti (Official Music Video)


Olívia Mamberti is a Berlin based visual media composer & singer songwriter from Rio, Brazil.

She has scored an ad, 6 short films, including No Place for Tears (2020) directed by Patrick Milani and selected by 13+ festivals, and a mini-documentary for the German embassy in Beijing.


Her sound can be mostly characterised by its calm and uplifting atmosphere, usually evoked by the usage of vocal harmonisation and guitar layering. As for her own works, she is also folk-pop singer-songwriter who likes to explore an experimental blend of audio and visuals, being a video maker and a music video editor in the meantime.


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5 min | Audiovisual Project by Olívia Mamberti 

Performed by Vanessa Morandell

As a way to honour transitions and our ability to adapt and bloom past hardships, self-doubt and comparison while finding our own way to move in this world, "When The Soul Overflows" is an audiovisual project about freedom of self expression, in contrast to our innate fear of change as human beings, captured through music, body movement, poetry and dynamic visuals. 

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Olívia Mamberti & Maya Rain

Interface 2.0. Winner - 2021​

Sound Installation at Signals Festival | 15-16 Oct 2021

An audio-visual experience exploring the dichotomy between Utopia Vs Dystopia. The installation follows an immersive storyline, featuring Olívia's stunning vocals and Maya's sheer range of music production and sound design experience, while being perfectly complemented with colourful and dynamic visual experiences.

Oneiro-Hiraeth is the winner of this year's Interface competition, where students from Catalyst Berlin are paired with students from Spirit Studios in Manchester, UK, to produce a unique creative project entirely remotely.

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